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easy.moo.js V 0.02

Facebook API's

Eclipse On A USB Stick

Programming Classes

Complexity Vs. Redundancy

PHP Virtual Machine, Version 0.01

DrumKit v0.01

PHP States

Simple PHP Caching

Handling Forms With PHP

DrumKit V0.02 -> DK421 V0.02

UploadyThing V0.01

Javascript Password Generator

PHP/Cron Based IP Tracker

Javascript Attention Grabber

Back To The Software

WLAN Router Monitor BASH Script

Javascript Colorshifter

BlowPass Has Taken Over

Das BlinkenTechts!

Further DK421 Development

New prototype.js Website

Linux Multiple File Search And Replace

Simple BBCode To HTML Function In PHP

"Extracting Data From Nasty HTML" or "How To Be Frickin Awesome"

WordPress: more_posts, old_posts, new_posts

BlowPass V0.60 - A Major Revision

Whoa! OurUNO!

WordPress jh_random_cats()

MediaWiki and

Bitwise Operators And Blowfish

OurUNO & mod_rewrite

Fun with mootools

C++ Print Binary Function

XML, XSL Are Stinkin Powerfull

Debugging, BASE, Opera and XHR

pywikipedia Bot Multiple Image Upload

IE7 InnerHTML & <P>


Replacing MySQL FULLTEXT With JavaScript

OurUNO is Our Reviews

JavaScript Class Definitions

Disappointed In SimpleXML

Really, really, bad.

It's A Trap!


BlowPass Alpha Release

Bash Line For Constant Monitoring

C++ String Strip Whitespace

Mangling An Applications Path

Warped Jane Austen Quote

GTK Tooltips On Notebook Tab Labels

Easy Makefiles

Cool Camera

Recursive Word Count With Bash

VCReviews - A MediaWiki Extension

Nix Monitor V0.6

About a month and a half...


Playing with OpenCV

Screwy OpenCV Manipulations



More libcvfx: New effects and runs in Windows

The Mana World Buddy

Javascript Countdown Timer

Why I Love Kate

libvcvideo Working

CameraBooth Monitor

KickTweet or Creating a KDE3 Panel Applet

Gtkmm/Glibmm Thread Example

Better libcurl from C++

Move Subversion repository without svnadmin


Making DCOP work with Apache and PHP

ImageMagick Thumbnails and Contact Sheets

MySQL & Ruby on Debian (sidux)

Data throughput with ExternalInterface

KolorTool For KDE 4

Disable Gnome Keyring for SVN

CSS Heart

[email protected] Team Statistics Scraper

Trying out pygame, pretty cool.

[email protected] Init Script Additions: throttle & unthrottle

Writing a Plugin for Storytlr

Territorial Seeds User Script

Clean Auth module usage in Kohana

Looking up words in a Dictionary using Python

Thursday Quote: Rob Pike

Thursday Quote: David Heinemeier Hansson

Awesome C Program

Thursday Quote: Andrew Wulf

Thursday Quote: Reg Braithwaite

Thursday Quote: Jeff Foster

Use xmllint to Pretty Print API Output

Python UNIX Sockets

Forking TACO 2.0

MongoDB + node.js On WebFaction

Thursday Quote: Harold Ableson

Auto-Generated Github User Page With py-github

Charting Weight Change With Google Visualizations

Streaming Tweets With Tweepy

Thursday Quote: Ed Nather

Premature optimization is the root of all evil. But don't be stupid.

MarkedUp: The Power of Python

Thursday Quote: Jonathan Edwards

Thursday Quote: David Greiner

Finding 500 Errors On DreamHost

PanoramAh: A jQuery Panorama Viewer

A Simple JavaScript Hooks System

PanoramAh: Version Two

Thursday Quote: Jeff Atwood

Node Knockout - Team LazerCatz!

Finishing Stuff

Thursday Quote: Eric Hellman

Thursday Quote: Remy Porter

Developing For Twilio In PHP - Introducing Twillip

Thursday Quote: John von Neumann

Learning Ruby: Unpacking Arrays

Detours Clone

Thursday Quote: Brian Tarbox

Thursday Quote: C. Scott Andreas

Tail In PHP

Thursday Quote: Joel Spolsky

Thursday Quote: Peter Aronoff

Thursday Quote: Abelson & Sussman

Gson Inheritance Issues

Swiftmailer Transport for Amazon Simple Email Service

Thursday Quote: Randall Degges

Thursday Quote: Gina Trapani

Sweet Mac OS X Terminal Function

Thursday Quote: _why

Thursday Quote: _why

Thursday Quote: Nathan Marz

Thursday Quote: Mike Haertel

Regex Fun - Get a substring by length, breaking on word boundary.

Thursday Quote: Linus Torvalds

Thursday Quote: John D. Cooke

Thursday Quote: Eric S. Raymond

Thursday Quote: Michael Abrash

Kohana 3 OAuth & Twitter Demo Code

A Walk Through Swiftmailer Transport AWS SES

Thursday Quote: Juan Reyero

Pushing a row to the end of a sort with MySQL

Thursday Quote: Michael Lopp

Skunk: A stinky PHP microframework

Fundamentals: Hashing

Thinking Functionally In PHP

Thursday Quote: Yaron Minksy

Thursday Quote: Brian W. Kernighan

Cache Control With Kohana 3

Naive Search with JavaScript

Dashwire Photo Export

Xoket: The Learning Framework

Thursday Quote: Ward Cunningham

Addressing Nested Dictionaries in Python

Thursday Quote: Peter Grace

ImageMagick Wallet Maker

Reading Code: Drew Gourley's Countdown Script

Thursday Quote: Dana Contreras

Thursday Quote: Joshua Bloch

Thursday Quote: Mike Solomon

Thursday Quote: Simon Peyton Jones

Hot Patching Python Objects

Thursday Quote: Tony Hoare

Hashes Are Not *$&%@! Magic

Impromptu logging from a connection

Let the Facebook Object Debugger Into Staging

Delayed Queues for RQ

Homoglyph Substitution for URL's

Manage Unblock-Us on OS X


Show your currently playing song as your Slack status from Google Play Desktop Music Player.

A peek inside pinentry

I interact with pinenty daily, but I don't really understand it. This post dives into how it is invoked and can be used outside of GPG for your own projects.