BlowPass V0.60 - A Major Revision

Just finished up BlowPass 0.60. This was a major overhaul of the system, and there are very few similarities between the 0.50 and 0.60. Here's a quick roundup of every change (Or at least those I could remember.)

New Domain
That's right, BlowPass now has it's own domain, Now you can get there quick, none of this sub-domain garbage anymore. This isn't really a code change, but it's still a nice feature.

Just kidding that's not done yet.

New Logo
BlowPass Logo
Sexy new reflected logo. It can only be beat by...

New Layout
After months of market research we have a new layout. It's clean, it fits in an 800x600 screen and it's very blue. Plus...

The Log Is Optional
If you don't want to see the technobabble, don't open it.

Partial JSON
Smaller responses mean faster loads. Hopefully I'll get around to moving it all into JSON and then we'll be even faster.

Compressed Libraries
Everything has been squashed by the DoJo thingy. (Or will be soon.)

Prototype 1.5
Because hipness matters.

You can now sort your items by last modified date, name, or...

Item Type
There are now several item types, "Network Account", "System Account" are active by default, and if you think there should be another, let me know!

Okay, wasn't that exciting? Here's something even more exciting, the planned changes for V0.70.

Cleaner Code
There are a lot of repetitive chunks that need making into function calls.

More JSON for transmission, less delimited strings. Also, switch JSON to native when we get to PHP 5.2

This kind of service really needs SSL, but I don't have the $189 to get that done at this point. If you really want to be secure, do what I do, run it on your home machine with your own SSL cert.

Delete Functionality
Finally add the 'delete' button for items now that we're using PHP sessions.

Create New Types
User created item types should be done soon too.

We'll see how it goes from here, could be a few months before the next release.