GitHub Pages Reboot With 11ty

I've had my repos listed on my GitHub pages for 14 years, it was time to revisit it.

DayZ Server Browsers

Recently I've been playing a lot of DayZ, through the DayZSA launcher. But, where do these server listings live, and how does a thrid-party launcher get them?

Birb Cam

Look at my birb friend!

Generating Open Graph preview images for 11ty

Generated Open Graph images, without driving a browser. Here is how I made mine.

Box drawing on the web

Boxes: Harder than you thought.


While implementing a CHIP-8 emulator, I came across a new concept.

Notes on Keeping Bees

After four years of keeping bees, here are some things I've learned which I don't remember seeing in the beginner books I've read.

Detecting Sucessfull AES Decrypts With Padding

Unauthenticated AES works even if you have the wrong key. Here's a way to tell you have the right key.

The Authy Backup System

A look at how the Authy authenticator app works, in the pursuit of securely backing up my MFA tokens offline.

Moving from WordPress to 11ty

After 17 years with WordPress, it's time for something different. Here's how I migrated 500 posts to a static site generator.