Javascript Attention Grabber

I honestly don't know what else to call this, so "Javascript Attention Grabber" will have to do. We have a site at UNO that has an alphabetic list and you can click on a letter at the top of the page to jump to it. However, the pages aren't always long enough for the jump to happen, yet are still cluttered enough to get lost without it. Thus I whipped up this simple little guy to highlight the div for a short time.

I hardcoded in the return background color because tempColor =; wasn't pulling off the old color. I'll have to figure that one out later. I'd also like to add a fader, but that was too much work at the time. ANyway, here's the first version.

  function hilighter (targetID,color) {
targetObj = document.getElementById(targetID);
tempColor = "#F6F6F6"; = color;

function unhiliter (targetID,color) {
document.getElementById(targetID).style.backgroundColor = color;
<a href="#anchorName">Link</a>

P.S. Yet again I'm faced with the ugly usability problems of this website. I need to take the time to fix it up. Let me go make a note of that on my Nokia 770. :)