Nokia 770

My Nokia 770 came today! This one wasn't bricked on arrival like the last one. I immediately started in on it, and within an hour I had it loaded up with lots of apps from By now I've rooted it and have some scripts set up to handle mounting shares from my network. As a bonus I've managed to lock up the application manager, an apt frontend, I think I need a reboot to kill off the process. Lord knows I'm not going to try and kill it myself.

Only a few minor complaints at this point. The handwriting recognition is horrid, but the keyboard has a nice feel to it and you get phone-like word completion. I haven't tried the fingerboard style yet, rugt now I'm writing this with two styluss (styli?) and I'm actually getting rather fast at it. Maye its th qwerty keyboard.

The other pet peeve came when I wa writing my shell scripts in vi and couldn't find a way to send the escape key to it. I just now realized that there is a hardware back key that would be a likely candidate. Oops.

Okay, I'm gonna reboot her and see about getting descent or doom running :)

Update (11/03/06)

I got Doom running, how cool is that. This is by far the neatest gadget ever. I need a bigger mem card, then I'll push the root FS onto the card and I can have it all :)