Nokia 770 Review

So I got my Nokia 770 today, or rather yesterday as it is 3:30am now. Here's my review on this stunning device.

They shipped me a bricked unit. Seriously, I popped in the battery, hooked it up to charge and came back later. It makes cutesy little start up and shutdown noises, but the screen stays white, occasionally adding in some vertical grey lines for variety once in a while.

The Nokia website is useless, and everywhere I've found info on the "white screen of death" on the net, it's led to the same conclusion: Warranty return and replacement. That's pathetic. You'd think Nokia would have some quality control, maybe, oh I don't know, see if their devices even boot before shipping them? The boot cycle is supposed to be very short, and I can't see the production numbers on a device like this being outrageously high. It doesn't seem unreasonable that they could check it.

What does seem unreasonable is up to another week of waiting for them to ship me a new one. Stupid. If the replacement isn't stellar and/or they make me pay shipping to send the brick back to them I will assuredly warn everyone I know away from Nokia. And I'll be sure to get out and meet some people first so it won't be an idle threat.