UploadyThing V0.01

There isn't much to say about the UploadyThing. It uploads things, keeps track of them, and lets you retrieve them. It's flat-file, no DB's here mister. Those are the main features. Seriously.

The UploadyThing consists of three files. A form, an upload-processor, and an index of uploaded files.

UploadyThing does not have a user system. UploadyThing does not have a quota system. Uploady thing does not have a decent interface.

No Error Error
UploadyThing's Rich User Interface

What UploadyThing does have is convinience, easy of installation and use, and a strong regex-powered security system. I'm sure it's buggy, I'm sure it's ugly. But it took a matter of minutes to cobble together and it does it's job. Look into htaccess for security if you intend to use this, or wait for the next version. Cue laughter track.

Here's an even bigger laughter track use, I have a working demo up. Please don't abuse or it will go away. Besides, it's an enhanced version that logs IP's ;-)

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