OurUNO & mod_rewrite

Over the last day or so I've spent some time restructuring OurUNO to fix it up in time for the end of the semester. One of the biggest and most visible things I've done is to start using mod_rewrite to make super-slick URLs for everything. For example, in the old system to view Robert Fulkerson's information and get reviews, you would have to go to "". With the new system you can simply go to "". mod_rewrite is darn cool.

Along with that is a shift in the design paradigm, setting apart the actions on the site into 3 sets, (View/Edit/Create) and 3 sections (Course/Instructor/Review) with a deeper backend and wiki style rollbacks on edits. Also, at Dave's suggestion, I'm adding in the ability to generate a review or other content without signing up. You just have to enter it, got to your UNO email, and click through on the link to validate your address. Rad.