Programming Classes

Bah! I'm sick of C++. Now that I'm learning Java, C++ just seems lame. Then again, I haven't done any C++ in about a year, so I'm not terribly sharp on that front. I spent a good two hours just wandering through my old books trying to remember how to do things like class specification files and the like.

On the other hand, it took maybe an hour to write an assignment for my Java class, add in extra features to the class, do exception handling and learn enough about Ant to create a build file to handle compiling for me. Oh, and I wrote a shell script and a batch file to launch them jar.

I'm almost afraid to turn in the version I ended up with. The assignment said to not bother with exception handling, so I'm not sure if all that other stuff would make me look like a know-it-all. I'm not, it was just fun to do all the other stuff and learn the basics of it. Whatever. back to my C++...