DrumKit v0.01

I finally started work on my DrumKit project today. Essentially this is an attempt to create a electronic drum set from some pads, an old keyboard and a computer. I got down to buisness and wrote up a Java app that plays back the drum sounds on key press events. It filters them and even handles shift for the hi-hat open/close, which I'll use to make the hi-hat pedal work.

The source is messy, and still has relative path's for the sound files. Essentially it's a frame, a keylistener and some clips. Not too rough, though patching this together from the Java API and sparse information on javax.sound.sampled was tougher than I guessed it would be. Anyway, it's got some bugs and features not implemented, but I can play drums with my keyboard now, which is a good start.

DrumKit v0.01
The Cutting Edge DrumKit GUI

I suppose I should upload the code just in case, and to keep track of my versions. You can get the source and the sounds for Version 0.01 below. As a heads up, all the kit samples are absolute path'd for my machine, so you'll need to adjust them if you intend to compile it.