More libcvfx: New effects and runs in Windows

I got libcvfx compiled on Windows with Dev-C++. I don't have it as a library or anything, just got the demo working for now, proof of concept if you will. It was a bit slower on Windows, and I didn't get the 640x480 out of my web cam. Additionally the highgui didn't register the arrow keys right so I had to change those.

What I was really wanting to see was if it would run in Windows at all. This would possibly open up a bigger range of web cams for the CameraBooth project, perhaps some of the higher end, higher resolution ones.

Anyway, here's a screen of it running on Windows and one on Linux for good measure. Click through for the big images.



Additionally I've added a few new effects since the last post. Some don't capture well, so I'll just describe those ones.

Photo Copy
This one takes a threshold and any pixel under the threshold is turned black, any pixel over it is turned a user specified color, default is white. This tends to be harsh, it might be good to run a blur on it or maybe set a few midpoint values between black and the color to fuzz it a bit.

Cuts the image into as many strips as you want, then flips every other strip. Defaults to 4 strips.

This isn't a new effect, but now you can choose which corners to exchange.

There are a number of effects I didn't take pictures for.

VStripFlip is like HStripFlip except vertical.
Broken Television is a motion effect where the image scrolls like an out of sync TV. Hard to describe really.
Noise just injects pseudo-random pixels into the image, but it does a poor job of it right now.
Interlace Lines replaces every other horizontal line with all black.

I'll have more about these effects as well as pictures and maybe video once I get a project page set up for libcvfx. For now you can hit up the repo for source, or grab the Window binary here. You will need the OpenCV libraries installed, and in your PATH.