Archive : 2007


About a month and a half...

Nix 0.7 Released

Fate/stay night

l337 h4X!!!1!

Nix Monitor V0.6

VCReviews - A MediaWiki Extension

Recursive Word Count With Bash

My WordPress Was Broken

Cool Camera

Easy Makefiles

Karamba Theme

Command Line Package Installation in OpenSuSE

Ever Notice...

GTK Tooltips On Notebook Tab Labels

Warped Jane Austen Quote

Mangling An Applications Path

C++ String Strip Whitespace

Bash Line For Constant Monitoring

Geek Joke

BlowPass Alpha Release

Really Cool Video

I love that feeling...

One less machine...

Gunslinger Girl


I am a fool....


It's A Trap!

Really, really, bad.

Disappointed In SimpleXML

Dangit, dangit, dangit....

JavaScript Class Definitions

On the hunt!


Uncesored Downloads

OurUNO is Our Reviews

Replacing MySQL FULLTEXT With JavaScript


IE7 InnerHTML & <P>

pywikipedia Bot Multiple Image Upload

Debugging, BASE, Opera and XHR

XML, XSL Are Stinkin Powerfull

C++ Print Binary Function

Fun with mootools

DigiPro Tablet And Linux

OurUNO & mod_rewrite

Peguin Swap

Facebook Spam

Bitwise Operators And Blowfish

MediaWiki and

Handy Beryl Trick For Web Developers

Possibly The Best Spam Ever

Sincerely, Mr. Fervently Hoping

Amarok Just Gets Cooler

Songbird 0.2

WordPress jh_random_cats()

Barbara Walters Glow

Necco Wafer Conspiracy

Whoa! OurUNO!

BlowPass V0.60 - A Major Revision

A Great Moment In My Life

WordPress: more_posts, old_posts, new_posts

"Extracting Data From Nasty HTML" or "How To Be Frickin Awesome"

Simple BBCode To HTML Function In PHP

Linux Multiple File Search And Replace

New prototype.js Website

Cleaning Up E-Books

Further DK421 Development

Music I've Never Played

Willis? CD

Das BlinkenTechts!

Renaming Your 'The' Folders

Pop Can Bookmarkers


Happy New Years!