Happy New Years!

Hey, it's 2007! Seems like time flies. Thought I'd do a little recap on the year, or at least what I remember of it. I have a very poor memory for events that have happened to me. Here goes nothing.

By The Numbers
On the statistical side of life I have this blog. Started in April of 2006 I now have 87 posts (counting this it's 88) and 5 comments. Two of those comments are mine, two are from strangers, and one is from Adam Hike. I also have 11 drafts which I'll probably never use.

I'm the owner of 10 domain names (how did that happen?!) and administer two more. My computer now has 527.07 Gb of storage, and is 38.8% full (204.69 Gb), though some is backups. I've played 7,717 tracks onto since January 6, 2006. Thats about 643 a month, 148 a week, and 21 a day. Ozma counted for an entire 9.9% of those songs and The Weakerthans were another 9.4%.

During this year I converted entirely to Linux, only keeping windows on my recording computer because it isn't worth the effort to find and learn a whole new suite of music software. I learned a whole bunch of Java, Perl, got a better handle on JavaScript, the prototype library, and AJAX. I've also become a much better PHP coder and learned a ton of CSS and compatibility tricks. I also tested on a Ubuntu derivative, Fluxbuntu and had a background I made set as the default on the second alpha revision.

I kept fairly busy this year. I ventured into the realm of electronics quite a bit with my PS2 and Chu Moy disasters, DK421 and my Arduino board. I wrote several web based scripts, including BlowPass, my PHP Virtual Machine, SimpleBooks, and UploadyThing. It seems I have a penchant for CamelCase project names.

A good deal happened this year. The most notable event was the wedding of my sister Stephanie to Brandon Rogers. That was certainly a big occasion and cleaning up was not at all fun. A group of us went to Denver to see Ozma play at the Bluebird theatre. We went camping in March. Stephanie graduated from college. We had our second annual guys night and found out that John Smith was going to get married. I turned 21. Never Luke played at Riverfest and for our first time at Sokol. I got a job at Scooters with Leigh Jordan, then quit and got a job at Northstar financial, then got a part-time student job as a web programmer at UNO. I made and renewed a lot of friendships this year, especially at the end of it. I started dating Darcy and I've gotten very attatched to Dani, Amanda, Carmen, Seth and others. On the whole my year has been good, I can only hope that 2007 will top it.