Yesterday I was popping around DistroWatch looking for a version of BSD to play around with in VMWare. While I was there I noticed that a new Dreamlinux version had been released. I had tried this distro for a while back when I was looking for a light weight for my old laptop. It uses XFCE and was always a looker, though wasn't too mature when I first tried it.

Built on Debian I think it's everything that Ubuntu could be. First things first, this is a very pretty distro. A lot of effort went into the art and it shows. They're also using the Engage dockbar (think Mac fisheye because that's exactly what it is) from E17 with their XFCE and it's very slick. It's also a "dirty" distro. Doesn't care about remaining 100% free from the get go. It even has a nice ndiswrapper tool built into it's control panel.

If/When I get a new laptop I just might load it up and see how it goes for a while. At least until E17 becomes stable and I find a distro with that to try out. Anyway, look it up if you want a smart looking system thats pretty light and pre-configured to rock.