Fate/stay night

So I finished Fate/stay night a few evenings ago. It's 24 episodes and I really, really enjoyed it. Definitely in my top three.

The art varied a little bit, with some stellar work and some average fare, but overall it tended towards good I thought. Some things in the storyline went a bit under-explained, but that's really to be expected from an anime made after a detailed game.

What made this show so great were the characters and how they interacted and grew. Really great relationships, even if the dialog was a bit spotty. I also had the fan sub version, so that might have contributed to weak dialog as they tend to be in a rush to publish. Make no mistake though, very good storyline and very good character development.

The only thing I outright didn't like was the ending. It wasn't necessarily a bad ending, it was quite powerful and brought closure to the sotry, but it just wasn't the one I would have preferred. A follow up series would be awesome, and could fix the ending for me, but as far as I know isn't really in the works.

Overall a great show, I give it an A.