This is a list of the things I use, in the spirit of

💻 Hardware

I work in my unfinished basement, so it's not the prettiest setup.

👖 Pockets

🎒 Backpack

I've got a lightweight Timbuk2 laptop backpack that is 10+ years old, recommend without reservations. Plus it came with a bottle opener on it. I've got a more padded Timbuk2 for travel.

Inside I always carry:

💾 Software

For fonts I prefer things that do not have ligatures, I've settled on Source Code Pro but occasionally try others.

For colors, I like Molokai. A matching theme for Alacritty is in my dotfiles repo.

I use a lot of tools, so I'll just list my most commonly used ones below.

🖊️ Editor

I use Neovim where possible, classic vim if it is not. VS Code if I have to.

My current config is available in my dotfiles repo but the core plugins are:

Airline Bottom status bar
CHADTree Tray file browser
Telescope Fuzzy finders
coq Autocomplete

🤓 Posix

Software that I use on MacOS and on Linux.

Alacritty A fast and reliable terminal
asdf Language and tool manager, think chruby+nvm+* all in one
direnv Load environment and configs per project
jq Great tool for untangling JSON
gnupg I sign all my commits

🍎 MacOS

I maintain a Brewfile, but some favorites are:

Alfred Quick launcher that is easy to customize
Bartender I run a lot in the tray, this keeps it trim
Choosy Cool default "browser" for launching other programs
Dash Great docs reference tool
Rectangle Position windows quickly
One Thing Keep my current task on top
Viscosity Simple, effective VPN client

🐧 Linux

I don't use a Linux desktop professionally, only for personal use, and not as much as I would like.

I generally use Debian or a derivative, apt is too deeply ingrained in me.

I prefer sway, but I'll take MATE as well.

bemenu Text based quick launcher, like dmenu
swaylock-effects Nice lock screen for sway
waybar Customizable top bar for sway
ly TUI display manager

☕ Coffee

I greatly enjoy the process of making coffee, so I'm constantly fiddling with my roasts, grind and process. I've got a lot of coffee making tools, but these are the ones I use every week.

👨‍🌾 Gardening

Our family has a small market garden, Buttercup Farm, so we do a lot of mid-scale gardening chores.

🌱 Seed Starting

🚜 Tractor