Contagion: Outbreak - 2011

This weekend Darcy and I went to Omaha's first "Pop Culture Expo", Contagion: Outbreak. This is true, for extremely small values of "pop". Mostly it was "geek culture", so Star Wars, Firefly, Robots, Zombies, Anime, and lots of Comics.

The big reason we went was Jewel Staite, one of our favorite actresses. We attended the Q&A on Sunday, and it was really neat. She's just as nice as you would think she is.

Another cool bit was the R2 Builders Club. I'm really considering giving that a shot.

Anyway, here are some more blurry-cam photo's I took. We'll probably go again, but if they raise the price next year they better raise the quality of the content and organization, because it wasn't that great this year, nothing compelling.