Verizon Backup Assistant Must Die

So, I got a Droid 2 a while back and duuring setup I turned on the Verizon Backup Assistant. Garbage. Pretty sure it was responsible for several crashes.

I was looking for a way to disable it without a rom or hard reset, since its baked in. Hard to find. Eventually I found this nugget buried deep in a forum topic.

1) Be sure to have all your contacts backed up to your Gmail account. Check online before proceeding to step 2.

2) Log into your My Verizon account. Go to the contacts tab, sort by list view and select all contacts. Delete the entire list. There's a deleted contacts tab as well. Select that and delete anything that's in there.

3) Go into your Incredible settings tab, select applications, manage applications. Do not sort or filter, allow list to populate. Select Sync Service, (icon resembles backup assistant icon) select clear data.

4) Also in manage applications scroll down to backup assistant, select clear data. This should do it.

5) To verify backup assistant is now disabled, select settings, accounts and sync, then under manage accounts, select backup assistant. You should be looking at a license agreement screen.

I skipped step #2, but it worked all the same. Good fix, minimal investment, no crashes since.