Fixing Kate's Instance Behavior

I've been a KDE user for a long time now, and I love all the new changes (except the Aero snap thing, you can turn that off though). One thing I love is Kate. I usually have two or three Kate sessions open at once, borrowing code across projects or changing things in different modules.

My problem is that Kate now defaults to only one instance, so if I call Kate from the command line with a file name, it gets added to a running instance, not a new one. If I use the KRunner to start a session, it loads in place of the current session in a running instance. I understand the reasoning here, but I want to use it the way I always have.

Easy fix! Just always make sure it is called with kate -n

You can do this with a BASH alias,

alias kate='/usr/bin/kate -n'
or more thoroughly with a wrapper script like this one from a forum post:
/usr/bin/kate -n $@ &> /dev/null &

Easy fix!