Review: Canon Pixma MX320

A Pixma MX320A week or two ago I bought this mutli-function to replace the loathsome Lexmark I'd had for several years. I didn't have a chance to try it out until today. Since I'm home sick I drug it into the bedroom (yes, it is big and heavy) and tinkered from the comfort of bed.

All around it's a nice machine. It copies fine without a computer attached, and it works like a dream with Kubuntu; scans and prints. It even shows up as an image source in Gimp. Nice.

For those you wanting to get it going on Linux, don't bother looking for the drivers on the US support site, you have to hit the Europe one. Don't ask me why, just go here: They offer deb's, rpm's and source, so it should work pretty universally on a modern system. The debs went in flawlessly for me, and poof, the thing worked.

Print quality is good, crisp and clean. Scanning is another matter. I ran through some prints I got back the other day, and there is grain everywhere. It's not unbearable, but check the next post to see what I mean.

All in all and good Linux compatible printer/scanner, for only $49 at Wal-Mart (oh the shame)

Also it has this weird thing called a "fax". I've yet to figure out what that is or why you would want one.