Quick and Dirty Guide to ChanServ

I never, ever remember the commands for ChanServ on Freenode. I'm always looking them up, so this time I made a quick cheat-sheet to help me out. You can basically follow this from top to bottom.

Register Your Channel

/msg ChanServ register # 
Tells ChanServ about your channel and makes you the founder.

Make ChanServ Stick Around

/msg ChanServ set # guard on
Makes ChanServ hang out in your channel.

Protect Your Topic

/msg ChanServ set # topiclock on
Makes it so you can only change the topic through ChanServ.

Set A Topic

/msg ChanServ set # topic 
Set the channel topic via ChanServ.

Make Your Topic Sticky

/msg ChanServ set # keeptopic on
ChanServ keeps your topic even when there is no one in the channel.

Set The Channel URL

/msg ChanServ set # url 
Sets the URL for the channel if someone does an INFO query.

Set The Channel Description

/msg chanserv set # desc 
Sets the description for the channel if someone does an INFO or LIST query.