I was featured on Github! Sort of.

So I logged onto my twitter account this morning to find a message from @changelogshow telling me they had written an article about my fork of Storytlr.

That's was pretty cool on it's own, until I realized that The Changelog is the source of featured repo's on Explore GitHub.

Awesome! I love github. There is so much amazing software on there, and I was lucky enough to have my repo featured!

I didn't even develop the software, it's a fork of the Storytlr core written by @eschnou & @alardw (and a fine piece of software at that). I just wrote some plugins and fixed the stuff that was broken for me.

Even so, it felt great to be on there! This is one of the first times anyone has ever made it clear that what I was doing in the open source world was seen and dare I say it appreciated. Unspeakably cool.

Look! That's me!