New Lifestream Site with Storytlr

Update: 2010-01-14
It looks like my problems are more commons than not. The "fix" as it stands is to remove the tidy references from your RssModel.php. Here's the bug on Google Code

I read an article on ars today that is about lifestream app Storytlr which is now open source.

I've seen this sort of thing before, and wanted to put one together eventually, so today I bit the bullet and just did it. It was super easy, and Storytlr is a nice piece of software.

I hit a few bumps (for instance, the RSS feed for this site isn't importing yet) but in general it pulls, stores and presents my feeds in a clean and readable fashion.

I'm under no illusion that anyone will really ever visit, but it makes me happy and it adds another bit of knowledge and experience to the corral.