Great Movie: 9


I had heard about 9 a while back, from one of my rss feeds, and I threw it on the Netflix cue. We watched it the other night and it is stunning. Honestly, it takes a lot for me to want to write about something this much, and 9 pushed me clear over the edge.

Two things I was not expecting.
1) It's not the happiest story ever written.
2) It's definitely not a kids movie.

I suppose I would have suspected both of those points if I had known Tim Burton was involved.

What stunned me the most were the graphics. The amount of emotion that they put into rag dolls was incredible. Neither of us made a sound for the first 5-10 minutes at least, it was just stunning. Some of the "enemies" that show up are truly creepy (i.e. snake thing), and everything is creative and well designed.

The plot was fairly predictable once it got going, and progressed very quickly. The only downside of the movie was the dialog. Really pretty shoddy compared to the rest of it. It was all delivered fairly well, but none of it was written that well.

Go rent it. Right now.