More DK421 Hardware

I think I've sorted out how I'm going to make my switches for the drums. I'm still tempted to go the "air-pressure triggered in tubs" route, but I think my current design would be more robust, sturdy and just as long lasting (if not more).

The idea is to get two flat chunks of plywood, as thin as I can go (1/8th" probably?), some nuts, bolts and springs. Cut the plywood to be equal in size, then put together with 4 bolts and the springs in between. That should allow for the give I need to keep the switches apart, plus it should be adjustable if the play is too much for the drummer.

The switch itself will be a bolt that threads up to a contact point (a.k.a. some scrap piece of metal). This will also allow for quick adjustments in the force required to trigger it. The switch will then run off to a standard 1/4" or 1/8" mono plug for plugging into the controller. As an added bit there will be silencer padding on the drum, since that's sorta what we're going for here... I'm thinking about just searching for a bunch of old mousepads rather than spend $20 on pads.

Here are some explanatory images I painfully crafted in that wonderful prototyping program "Paint".

From an angle. From the side.