I love rediscovering something I really enjoy. It seems like every time I have mac and cheese I'm amazed. It's like I'd totally forgotten how incredible it tastes and the memories rush back in. Same thing with hot chocolate and deviled eggs. No, not at the same time, don't be gross.

I hadn't listened to the old Showbread disc in at least a few months. I'd forgotten how much I love that cd. It's amazing. I was listening to my 24+ hour "Mix Tape" playlist at work and Welcome To The Plainfield Tobe Hooper came up. It moved me, almost to tears. Okay, not really almost to tears, but I was still moved

Last Saturday I went ice skating up at Motto McLean. Just stepping into the arena was a trip back to Stephanie's competitive figure skating days. Stepping onto the ice was far more powerful. It was like a rebirth of the freedom and fun that skating and hockey brought me when I was younger. I'm going back this weekend.

I also love rediscovering characters. I just finished reading the Heir To The Empire trilogy for what is probably well past the twentieth time in my life. I enjoy getting to read Thrawn, Palleon, Jade and Karrde again. I also started watching the first, and only, season of Firefly. I loved Serenity, it ranked just beneath ROTJ and I'm glad there is a whole season worth of those characters for me to enjoy. Too bad it's only the one season, this is possibly the cleverest, funniest, funnest sci-fi series I've ever seen. Once I finish that I'm digging back into Crime and Punishment to read Raskolnikov again.

Enough sentimentality. I need to go hock a loogie or something to, you know, be manly again.