Songbird 0.2 And overLIB Configurations

Songbird 0.2

I saw that Songbird 0.2 was released on wednesday. For anyone too bothered to go look it's a music-player/browser based off of Mozilla. I got the developers preview and it's pretty slick. I like it more than I did the first version, it's quicker for one. I think this will be a good replacement for foobar2k on Windows for me. It pales next to Amarok though. Or maybe I'm an Amarok fan-boy, that could be too. Anyway, good stuff, can't wait for 1.0

overLIB Configurations

In other, um, news, I put up some of my overLIB configs on my overlibMod page. An easy way to dress up your overLIB. I noticed that the current overLIB (4.21) is over a year old now. Maybe I need to find a new script. Then again, it still works right?