Chu Moy Part Deux

You thought I forgot about my chu-moy amplifier didn't you? You thought it was lost to the depths of the boxes of parts and broken, half-made things in my room. You thought wrong. I recently aquired a highly rare container known as an "Altoids tin" and did the test fit of the pieces this evening.

If you ever want to put something in an altoids tin, measure it first. I had to hack away parts of my c-board to get it in. Also, poking holes and reaming them out with a knife and screwdriver aren't the optimal hole making solutions, but they do work. It's a tight squeeze, but everything fits and it's lined in electrical tape for the circuits comfort. Still not sure where the power switch will go. I guess that can wait until I actually buy or scavenge a switch.

Open Closed

Update (10/14/2006)

I Found a switch while I was cleaning up my room. It's from a busted computer PSU. Not going to fit in the case though, I think it will just live on the board.