Sokol Show

So tommorow is the big day for Never Luke. We play at Sokol in the River Concert Series. As a bonus Adam and Brandon will be on the morning show (Spicoli I think). I can't make it because I have my first Calc test, but whatever.

So the river doesn't stream their radio over the net (what?! lame...) and I wanted to rip the interview of the guys so I could listen later and save it for posterity. So today I worked up a little hack to get a crisp, clean recording. I connected my Creative Labs Zen MicroPhoto to a dual-rca cable, then ran that into two inputs on the M-Audio Delta 1010LT. I also hooked the USB up to my Linux box so it would stay charged.

Now the key thing here is that the Zen can play FM radio, and record it. However, I didn't want to be fishing around in my pocket to turn off the Zen when I'm supposed to be integrating something. So the solution was Blaze Audio Power Record which lets you do scheduled recordings. Neat-o. Anyway, it's going to work, so I'm happy. I'll post it here and over at Never Luke once I get it cleaned up.

Update: It didn't work. Somewhere in there I switched a setting around and screwed it up. I'm supposed to get a taped copy from Leigh though, so it might be okay after all.