He Is Legend Concert

Went to the He Is Legend show at Sokol underground tonight. Crazy show, tow out of the three bands played with the house lights off and their own (spastic) lighting. The bands were, in order, In Reverent Fear, The Human Abstract, Drop Dead Gorgeous, and He Is Legend.

First of all, He Is Legend was really cool. They guitarists are a bit scary in real life though :) Anyway, they played a great set, though by then most of my hearing was gone. This was my first time seeing them live, and they are very good at what they do. The singer is a good frontman, very dynamic and, well, weird. Thats all part of a good frontman, right?

The other really great band was The Human Abstract. I had never heard of them, but they were awesome. They're a five-piece out of L.A. and they do some crazy stuff. They have their own lighting kit which was run (I think) by some kind of sequencer, MIDI maybe. Anyway, very cool.

They had some great technical playing too. The guitarist over on my side was just sweeping through these scales and patterns at warp speed. All the while the lights are flashing from blinding bright to pitch black. Very talented players. They were also very nice. I went to buy their CD and a shirt, and I got to talk to that guitarist for a while. I hope they take over the market, but I think they might be a little too inaccessible, even for the hardcore kids.

I didn't get to hear much of IRF, but it was good stuff. Adam said he'd listened to them before, so maybe I'll get some of their music from him. Drop Dead Gorgeous was drop dead crappy. Awful, just awful. They were a wave of incoherent noise and thrashing in the light of some strobes. Their keyboardist played some nice intros, but overall it was a worn-out routine with sub-par music. Bleah.

Anyway, it's 1AM and my ears are still ringing, but I'm going to try to sleep, Go listen to some Human Abstract.