More WordPress Stuff

So I've gotten all the posts over from the old system. I've had alot of trobule with getting iG:Syntax Hiliter to behave, though it's mostly my own fault for not understanding the options and the styling. The "plain text" links still weren't working, so I took them off.

I've been finding little flaws in the theme here and there, and just today created a home.php to override the index and give this nice custom job, more like the old page. I also had problems getting scrobbler to work. I finally realized it wasn't scrobbler that was messed up, it was wp-cache making the dynamic content into cached copies.

I figured that out after pulling scrobbler and inserting my own code straight into the template. Not the best solution, but I never intend on releasing this template as public anyway.

Still chugging away at the static site, should have some of my content back soon.