PHP Notepad

Last semester I used the program KJots alot for taking notes in my computer classess. It's a great program, but it had some glitches I didn't like and was platform specific.

For a long time I had the notion of making my own similar program, either in nice portable Java or as a web technology. This afternoon I had about three hours between classes and whipped up a basic frame of the system. I skipped the "making it pretty" part since I was just getting it going. It needs that, plus you can't save changes yet, but other than that it's there. I'd finish it up, but I have class in about 10. Anyway, check out my demo/live version here. User is "[email protected]" and pass is "demo". You can get a clean copy of the source at this link. Hopefully some of this code can be built into lucidGW, esp. the authentication code.