Lucid Groupware (Again)

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Reached a bit of a milestone (for me) today. I managed to get the first piece of Lucid Groupware operating at revision 17. This is a big deal because I laid alot of ground work to get here.

Even so, it's still pretty messy in the source, and the tree has undertaken many mutations as I change my mind about different aspects of the project, mostly the templating system and the plugins. I'll probably do a bit more work, perhaps get a single core module running, then kick into documentation mode and solidify the standards for the project.

I really hope that once the core is built plugins should become a snap. I also need to take the time to fix my local php installation to add pear, it seems my Ubuntu installation didn't bother to add it (?). Once I've done that I can switch this stuff over to MDB2, which should be a learning experience.

If you happen to be reading this and are a PHP guru, check out the code and tell me what I've done wrong :)