sed, perl, rename

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Yesterday I spent 10, maybe 20 minutes poking around the internet looking for some sort, any sort, of batch renaming utility for linux. I knew there had to be one somewhere, I mean, come on. I eventually found a batch file that ran into some sed that wasn't really what I wanted, but I figured I could pick apart the sed and figure it out.

Bad idea, I ran it without really testing it, and it ate all of my files, every single one. Luckily I had backups, and I started pulling them off the server. Today I wrote a Perl script to do the job, and finished off with one more Google search to see if I couldn't find something simpler.

I guess my problem was searching for "batch rename" because there were no good results, but I found the nix command rename this time and check out the man page. Wow, stupid me, I re-invented the wheel today,and didn't do it nearly as well.

Whatever, I can live with that, and it got me writing some Perl, which I haven't done in a long time. So here for your consumption is my Perl script that will let you blow your foot off, but can get the job done for substitution.


if($#ARGV < 2) {
print "Directory: ";
$directory = <>;
print "Replace: ";
$find = <>;
print "With: ";
$with = <>;
} else {
$directory = $ARGV[0];
$find = $ARGV[1];
$with = $ARGV[2];

opendir(DIR, $directory) || die "can't opendir $directory: $!";
@dots = readdir(DIR);
closedir DIR;
foreach(@dots) {
$copy = $_;
if( $_ =~ s/$find/$with/ ) {
system("mv $copy $_");