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Trying out pygame, pretty cool.

Thursday Quote: Matthew Inman

Thursday Quote: Every Time I Die

Christmas Letter 2009

USB7 + pySerial

Extracting When You Visited A Page From Firefox

Thursday Quote: Flobots

[email protected] Team Statistics Scraper

Thursday Quote: Josh Jones

Getting scripts and shortcuts to show in KDE4 Runner

CSS Heart

Thursday Quote: Showbread

Hard subs with mencoder, or, annotating screencasts for free.

Thursday Quote: Charlotte Brontë

Thursday Quote: Randall Munroe

Thursday Quote: Michael A. Jackson

Thursday Quote: Ernie Chambers

Automated Road and Pavement Condition Survey Vehicle

Great bash calculator

Disable Gnome Keyring for SVN


Three More Tracks From Nikolai

KolorTool For KDE 4

Data throughput with ExternalInterface

Take Me Somewhere Rework

MySQL & Ruby on Debian (sidux)

ImageMagick Thumbnails and Contact Sheets

Making DCOP work with Apache and PHP